January 04, 2006


The cruel heavens have snatched another mythic creature from our midst:

PatrickCranshawAsBlueInOldSchool.jpgLOS ANGELES, California - Patrick Cranshaw, who achieved cult-like status as fraternity brother "Blue" in the 2003 comedy "Old School," has died. He was 86.

The veteran character actor died of natural causes Wednesday at his home in Fort Worth, Texas, his personal manager, Jeff Ross, told the Los Angeles Times.

Throughout his career spanning nearly 50 years, Cranshaw had dozens of roles, including a bank teller in "Bonnie and Clyde" and a demolition derby owner in "Herbie: Fully Loaded" (2005). Other credits included "Bandolero" (1968), "Best in Show" (2000) and "The Hudsucker Proxy" (1994), as well as television series "Mork & Mindy" and "The Dukes of Hazzard."

But he was probably best known for his role as elderly frat boy Joseph "Blue" Palasky in "Old School," starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn.

In the hit comedy, he was about to wrestle two topless girls but dies of an apparent heart attack from overexcitment. After singing "Dust in the Wind" at Blue's funeral, Ferrell's character calls out in agony: "You're my boy, Blue!"

Fans would yell the signature line whenever they saw the actor and erected Web sites paying homage to his "Old School" character. He was even invited to meet with the Texas Rangers when they played the Angels in Anaheim.

"It was a great experience and an acknowledgment for him," Ross said. "He loved the recognition and would turn back and say, 'I'm your boy Blue."'


Fametracker had a great take on Cranshaw's career in their "Hey, It's That Guy!" section devoted to easily-recognizable character actors whose names escape most normal people's recognition:

Patrick Cranshaw, we don't just love you. We're in love with you.

But wait. We know what you're thinking. What does he do in these films? Does he just stand around and be old?

And what does all this have to do with "my dick"?

Well, in Breakin' All The Rules, Cranshaw plays a senile hospital patient whose one recurring joke is that he keeps asking Gabrielle Union to "hold [his] dick." (Wow! This movie really does break all the rules!) You may also remember him from Old School, in which he played "Blue," an aged gent who dies while wrestling two topless women in a plastic pool of KY Jelly. Ah, Hollywood -- where the elderly are ushered through their golden years with dignity and respect.

That is, when they're not being horny. Or rapping. 'Cause that shit is just funny.

Still, we say: All hail Patrick Cranshaw. He is the King of the Codgers, the Emperor of the Elderly, the Grand Poobah of Grandpas.

And, Patrick Cranshaw, though we have no interest in actually holding or even seeing your dick, we'd happily "hold your dick," if by that you mean "respect you" or "give you our sincere praise." Yes, wed hold that dick, Mr. Knickerbocker. Any time.

But perhaps the most touching tribute is this 10-bell salute someone assembled, blending sound clips from "Old School" with a somber funeral bell.

All of this, of course, is a reminder that 2005 has drawn to a close. And as such, the Reaper's Delight 2005 dead pool has reached a conclusion.

Guess it's time to mack on some puss cake.

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