February 10, 2006



It appears that Graydon Carter got his wish and found the third- and fourth-whitest humans on the planet to pose for his magazine. I guess he couldn't get Johnny and Edgar Winter to commit to being nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. Albinos can be so touchy that way.

What exactly is coursing through the veins of Scarlett Johansen and Kiera Knightly to make their skin this transluscent? Ponds cold cream? 2 percent low-fat? Forty bricks of Philly Cream Cheese?

Posted by Jeff at February 10, 2006 07:14 AM

Bad iodine absorption due to lack of selenium.
I knew a colonic therapist in Dallas who said that the pretty people always got out the nastiest orange stuff during therapy.

Posted by: Addison at February 13, 2006 03:35 AM
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