April 14, 2006



This week's question on my aptly named Big Question column:

There are selections to be made for both men and women, so do me a favor and vote once, vote twice, vote a million times.

The genesis for this Big Question is a trip to Vegas by a colleague at work last weekend for a bachelorette party. Ten women, Vegas, no significant others in the equation. You do the math.

Before she left, she said she needed a "Vegas name" to go by for the weekend. Since she had one on her desk, I suggested the name "Orchid." She liked it and took it along as a handle for the trip.

I guess it must have worked. When she came back, she shared this wonderful photo:


There is so much visual doubloon here:

*The diminuitive bartender.

*His meaty digits straining to maintain purchase on the bottle's neck.

*Orchid's inverted drinking position.

*The fact she has no idea what is being poured into her mouth.

*The fact she appears to be smiling/laughing about what is happening.

*The wad of cash Wee Man is palming in his left hand.

*The whistle perched jauntily between his lips. (As if being dressed in a leprechaun costume on top of a bar didn't call enough attention.)

*His matching pair of Keds.

*The fact this is taking place during daylight hours.

Remember kids, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Until you come back, after which it happens on Side Salad.

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