August 16, 2006


Hey Johnny, street cred just called.


It will no longer be in need of your services.

Posted by Jeff at August 16, 2006 09:39 AM | TrackBack

We were at the grocery store the other day and noticed that there are currently FOUR different Pops cereal boxes on the shelves. There's the classic design, the modern design, the classic design with Johnny Depp and the classic design with King Kong. I guess it's probably true that Pops need to be marketed that strategically, because I wasn't even aware they still existed. Back in the day they were called "Sugar Corn Pops," but that was also back when the Golden Bear was known as Sugar Bear and every cereal commercial featured children and cartoon characters behaving as if they'd just injected a cocktail of Red Bull and cheap trucker's speed directly into their veins. Nowadays, Pops just has "big yellow taste!" What in the hell does "yellow" taste like, anyway?

Posted by: Rommie at August 16, 2006 10:10 PM
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