September 12, 2006


New item over at Muttropolis:


Henrietta: The New Sexy Chicken In Town

Very hormonal. Boneless. No msg. Range free. Meet Henrietta: The New Sexy Chicken In Town. Raised on a quaint little chicken farm in America`s Heartland, this bikini babe showed a flair for performing at an early age. As an adult, she moved to Las Vegas with dreams of fame and fortune. She quickly took the town by storm and was cast as a genuine Vegas Showgirl. During her twenty year career she danced in numerous shows and even headlined the now infamous burlesque show Wild Chicken. Now retired, Henrietta lives a quiet life, far from the Vegas footlights, in a swanky trailer park near Fort Lauderdale. Hand painted, poly-filled latex dog toy. De-feathered for canine pleasure. She comes in two sizes.

Price from: $8.99 to $14.99

Personally, I think it's undervalued. It's difficult to find pet sex toys that are aimed at the pets and not the pet owners.

Not to mention one with a backstory.

Hat tip to Pat.

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