November 01, 2006



Halloween is always a large time at Casa del Ensalada. It was no different last night.

Grandparents visited. Traditions were upheld. Candy was hauled. And the house, as you can see from above, was elaborately decorated. (Click here to see a larger version.)

Among those traditions?


An order of Dead Man's Foot meatloaf, of course.

Longtime reader(s) might remember that the Bride of Saladstein enjoys sculpting edible meat sculptures for special occasions. Some chefs carve beautiful ice swans. She molds magnificent meat masterpieces.

What did Salad Boy go as this year?


A banana.

Which, of course, inspired innumerable jokes from those handing out candy. Lots of "don't slip" gags. Plenty of "a-peal" goofs.

When people asked what he was, I'd say he was a Banana Republican.

That kind of joke plays very well in Valrico.

Campaigning on a supply-side, pro-candy platform, he went off door-to-door to meet the neighbors.


He admired Sherrye and Paul's spiffy arrangment of new fiber-optic pumpkins. (Not pictured.)


He also paid a visit to Miss Jori's home to collect some goodies.

The neighborhood's most elaborately adorned family:


The O'Briens, of course.

The Star Wars theme is strong with this one. Even baby Charlie got into it as a stroller-riding Yoda.


Obi-Wan O'Brien was mightily amused by the finished version of Dead Man's foot, not to mention the impressive (toe) cleavage.

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