December 06, 2006



Addison sent an excellent suggestion yesterday.

Would it be possible for Drew (I think thatís the name of your ex-neighbor over in Iraq right now) to let us know if he knows of any members of his group or that he might know of that could use a little Christmas cheer because they wonít be getting any from home? Might not be a bad project for Side Salad readers.

I know we have a box going out today for Drew, but I know that anyone who wants to send anything to his troops can do so through him.

His address is:

Meyerowich, Drew
Unit # 70093
APO AE 09338

I got another e-mail sent to friends and family of the Wolfhounds battalion this morning, in fact. Apparently holiday preparations are underway there as well, Drew says.


Family and Friends of the Wolfhounds;

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we find ourselves in the middle of the
holiday season with mixed emotions of mission, loneliness, and sacrifice.

As the Battalion Commander, I would like to convey to you my impressions of how TF Wolfhound is dealing with this as we continue our mission here in Iraq.

Planning for the holiday season was initiated without any directive from me. Every leader and Soldier has attacked the Christmas mission like Wolfhounds do for every other mission. The chaplain has taken on the decoration of the FOB as well as multiple religious activities and the CSM and 1SGs are planning the New Years Eve bash. Individual Wolfhounds are taking on the holiday season each in their own unique way. Our Iraqi Brothers in Arms are all watching with intense curiosity. FOB McHenry will definitely represent everything that our society back in America does during this season.

Completion of our mission continues to be our number one priority and the Wolfhounds are doing incredible things every day. We have learned so much over the past few months in theater, and every member of the team is operating at an incredible level of proficiency and professionalism. Our way of showing Ruthlessness and Compassion is showing major impacts to our area of responsibility. Iraqi government leaders are talking about their respect for us simply because of our professionalism and respect for the innocent Iraqi people that are tormented every day by criminals that only want them to live in destruction and hatred. People are starting to come to us for help as opposed to running from us. This is not everyone, but if you could see what we are seeing, you would have such an incredible example of
why Wolfhounds are so damn proud of being Wolfhounds. We don't just catch one terrorist at a time, we bring down networks. We don't just patrol looking for IEDs; we hunt down everyone that was responsible for emplacing a bomb that indiscriminately kills women, children and Soldiers alike.

Wolfhounds don't do anything small and every day our Soldiers are doing their mission with intense ruthlessness or compassion.whatever it takes.

The stress of the Christmas away from home cannot be near as hard as having your Wolfhound gone during the holiday season. We are constantly working and keeping ourselves focused on our mission and this activity not only makes the time go by faster, but it also keeps our minds occupied. When our thoughts drift back to our loved ones, we like to think that you are all doing well enjoying the holiday season supporting each other just as we support each other every day over here. The Wolfhound Team has never been stronger and our cohesion as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and civilians stands as a shining example for everyone to emulate. Our Wolfhound family and
friends back home are equally as committed to our mission and each other.

Make every day of this holiday season something that everyone remembers as both united in sacrifice and blessed in love and friendship.

Thank you all for what you do every day in support of our Wolfhound Team and our nation. Everyone can sleep well tonight and every night knowing that the Wolfhounds stand guard protecting this world against hatred and terrorism. The destruction that these criminals attempt to inflict on the innocent people of Iraq is being met every day, head on by your Wolfhound's simple belief: NO FEAR ON EARTH!

Respectfully Yours;

Commander, 2-27 Infantry "Wolfhounds"


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