February 02, 2007


BrianAndDaddyO.jpgSCENE NO. 1: INTERIOR. HOME. DINING ROOM TABLE. An 11-year-old boy is eating breakfast before school as his father works on a laptop. He is seated across from him.

SON: What would you say if I changed my name?

FATHER: [After several seconds of silent contemplation] Depends on what the name is.

SON: [Replying immediately] How about Shooter McGee?

FATHER: I'd say eat your damn breakfast, Shooter.

[A minute of silence passes. The boy continues to chew his banana slices. The father continues tapping on the keyboard.]

SON: Or, I could change it to Bart Starr.

FATHER: Taken.

SON: Lynn Swann?

FATHER: Taken.

SON: Terry Bradshaw?

FATHER: Taken.

SON: [After several seconds pass] Howie Tong?

FATHER: Very original. Moderately taken.

[Several seconds pass. The boy begins to smirk as his mind spins. The father awaits the next name with reluctant anticipation.]

SON: Terry Crabclaw?

FATHER: You've just gone into mascot territory.


Driving with Andre.

Watching TV with Andre.

Breakfast with Andre.

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