April 06, 2007


JohnWinter.JPGThe news about WFLA meteorologist John Winter's death is beyond sad, especially for the Salad clan.

I only knew John casually, bumping into him on occasion around the News Center. But his weather reports were a staple in our house during his morning forecasts. Salad Boy liked John so much, he had a brief infatuation with weather and meteorology about two years ago. I told John that one night during a walk to the parking garage and he seemed very pleased and invited the boy to the station. I took Brian one day up to the weather office on the second floor and it became one of his favorite memories. (That and heckling Keith Cate with his best friend.) The news on Thursday truly rocked him.

John lived in Lithia, and occasionally I'd see him around this corner of the county, so we had something in common to chat about.

About three weeks ago, I pulled out of the parking garage at work and stopped at the light right outside the exit. I was fumbling through my briefcase for a few seconds when I felt like someone was watching me. I looked up to see John looking at me in the car next to me and could tell he had been waiting for me to see him. He waved and smiled, I waved and smiled and then we drove off in separate directions.

That's the impression I always got from him; friendly, eager to make a joke, always cordial.

This is the second big shock to hit WFLA in a couple years. First Chris Thomas, now this.

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