April 25, 2007


BrianAndDaddyO.jpgSCENE NO. 1, EXTERIOR, TWO-LANE ROAD: A father driving a red Nissan Titan is inching his way through the morning car line drop-off at a Florida middle school as his 11-year-old son puts on his backpack.

The radio is tuned to an FM station. A bank commercial is playing. A voice comes over the speakers. It is an actor portraying an old, stuffy white banker.

SON: That guy sounds like the guy who does Cookie Monster.

FATHER: Not really.

SON: He does a little.

FATHER: Okay, a little.

[A few seconds pass as the truck continues to inch forward.]

FATHER: You know, the same guy who does Cookie Monster also does Miss Piggy's voice.

SON: Hmm. I didn't know that.

[A second of silence passes.]

SON: So, he's a crossdresser?


SON: He's a crossdresser.

FATHER: No. He's not a crossdresser.

[The father pauses while suppressing his laughter and measures his words carefully.]

FATHER: Besides, it would be interspecies. Pig and monster.

SON: [laughs] So he's an interspecies crossdresser.


[Both are laughing now as the truck pulls to the end of the driveway.]

FATHER: [Singing in his best Cookie Monster voice] "C is for crossdressing. That's good enough for meeeeeee."

SON: [hysterical laughter] "C is for crossdressing, that's good enough for meeeeee."

[The truck stops and the boy gets out, takes his trombone and backpack and walks to the school entrance to start his day.]


Renaming Andre.

Driving with Andre.

Watching TV with Andre.

Breakfast with Andre.

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