April 30, 2007


JoeThomasWisconsinOffensiveTackleDraftedByClevelandBrowns.jpgAs much of the country's sports media reported on Saturday, pro football prospect Joe Thomas, an offensive tackle from Wisconsin, went fishing on Lake Michigan during the 2007 NFL Draft, choosing to be on the water instead of sitting in the fishbowl that is Radio City Music Hall, thereby defying the Gods of Sports Television by denying them the hackneyed shot of his lack of surprise at being chosen. He also deprived them of the chance to watch him squirm if he wasn't chosen very high in the draft. That pleasure went to Brady Quinn of Notre Dame.

It wasn't until I heard about this exchange during Thomas' post-draft conference call with writers that I suspected that he might have been piling on with a little prank:

(On who is on the boat with him)- “It’s my dad, my father-in-law to be, my mentor Joe Panos, the NFL Network camera and myself.”

(On reeling in a fish)- “Yeah, we just got the biggest fish of the day. It looks like it’s a brown trout.”

You don't suspect he was sneaking in a poop joke at the media's expense, do you?

God, I hope so.

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