May 17, 2007



I'm embarassed to say that it's been almost three years since The King Project received a proper update.

Something about that statement seems almost criminal.

So it seemed only right to break out the Elvis glasses in conjunction with this year's Elvis Festival in Tampa.

Yesterday, I dropped by Nicko's diner to take in the Elvis lunch. Impersonators were walking the aisles singing to female patrons, many of whom were decked out in their favorite King-related attire.

It was quite the scene. Some of them were looking at the faux Elvi with a lust in their eyes that was almost too dirty to watch.

I guess we all see what we want to see.

Anyway, I took my Elvis glasses to work for a little update of the King Project.

Remember kids...


... an apple a day keeps the Percodans away.

You can see the entire project by clicking here.

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