May 27, 2007


It's been a while since I've heard from my buddy Drew, who's serving in Iraq. He flew home to Hawaii a couple weeks back to visit his wife and three sons. It was his first time seeing them since August when his battalion shipped out. He told me his tour has been extended to November.

He told me a little of the great success he and his soldiers are having with their mission and that he's gratified to see real, positive change, but the Salad Clan didn't want to monopolize too much of the family's time together, so our conversation was brief.

Since then, I've been reading about the military curtailing online activities, so I haven't tried sending any e-mail. The man has enough on his mind.

Then today, I got this note from Drew:


I feel terrible that I have not written to you guys in so long. While I am sure my excuse is justified, I think of you guys often and today I had to make the time to write.

I cannot begin to express to you the amazement I am feeling when it comes to improvements in my Area of responsibility. The Iraqi Army and Police are making huge strides in not only their understanding of their responsibility, but also in the practical application of this responsibility. Seeing the Iraqi Security Forces hungry to provide security for their villages and country is a sight that I honestly wondered would ever happen, but it is a reality that we are living.

Tonight I was walking around the Forward Operating Base talking to Soldiers who were preparing for mission and I ran across this group of US and Iraqi Leaders planning their mission for tonight. Just the look on their faces show how much they have become a team against the terrorists, but that is not what brought about this email. In the middle of all I do on a daily basis, there was Salad Man…Here in Iraq with me!

My Love to all…


Commander, 2-27 IN "Wolfhounds"

Here is the photo.

I would try to put into words what it means to me that my friend saw this image in a dangerous place and had a happy thought because of my stupid obsession, but I'm a little too choked up about it to write anything meaningful.

You're in our prayers every night, Drew. You and Susan and the boys.

May the hat that surpasses all understanding keep watch over you and protect you and bring you safely home to us.


'Not the same Hawijah.'

Time out for toys.

Coffee and sunsets.

Get your motor runnin'.

"Wolfhounds don't do anything small."

Thanksgiving in Iraq.

"What sacrifice for the sake of freedom feels like."

"I am amazed by them every single day."

It's who you know.

Month two of deployment.

I'd walk a mile.

Boots on the ground.

Once more into the breech.

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