August 07, 2007


When we last left my electric hot dog roller, I had just cooked a Twinkie to just past an inch of its life. It was ooey. It was gooey. It looked, as I said at the time, like some sort of snack cake hate crime.

In search of other cylindrical objects to roll to a well-done cookedness, I found my next prey: Oreo cookies.

Okay, fine. They're round. But how do you keep them from topping over on their edges? It'd be like balancing Nicole Richie on the head of a pin, right?


But what if you stuck a couple of toothpicks in her and attached them equally skinny Paris Hilton and Courtney Love?

With that inspiration in mind, I decided to turn my discs into axels.


Okay. It works on a flat surface. But how would it handle going off-road on the backroads of the hot dog roller?

I enlisted my friend and colleague Rommie to give me a hand.

This maneuver required a surgeon's steady hand.

You know, if the kind of surgery is the kind that takes the wishbone out of the board with tweezers in "Operation" without lighting the guy's red nose up.

Success! Damn if the things didn't spin like the rims of an 18-wheeler heading on down the highway.

Like the Bandit and the Snowman, we're gonna do what they say can't be done.

How impressive of a feat was this?

Enough for my co-worker Rich at work to take a camera phone photo of the achievement.

Mmmm. Smells like it's close to being done.

Rich can no longer stand to wait.

The cookie was soft and warm. The cream was firm, yet smooshy. It was, in a word, perfection.

Rommie was not as gentle as Rich.

In the business, this is called a detail shot.

If that isn't a mouth full of double-stuffed heaven, I don't know what is.



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