August 07, 2007

[(GOOD-"BYE" A/MY!")]


We bid adieu today to colleague Amy Williams, who did everything from review restaurants for the Tribune to slog through the endless entertainment announcements that flood our office every day. She's leaving to mold the young minds of Hillsborough County as a teacher.

To say goodbye, we bought her a cake.


It was a delicious carrot half-sheet cake with cream cheese icing - and all the lavender food coloring on the eastern seaboard.

Then, because I'm anal retentive and in the word bidness, I noticed a few punctuational errors.


... an opening parenthesis and an quote mark in front of Good, as well as ...

... an end quotation mark and a closing parenthesis."

And we're not even mentioning the missing comma between Luck and Amy. We had to let that slide in the context of the greater punctuational crimes.

What makes all of this worse: these are the kinds of errors Amy has been saving us from for years. We'll miss her "("greatly.")"

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