September 12, 2007


There are days when I think we haven't come very far as a society.

I read the news like everyone else and see plenty to disturb me. We Chicken Little every 30 seconds, it seems. The more control technology gives us over our lives, the more we seem to come unglued at the seams over little things. We glorify the inane. We venerate that which should be vilified. We revel in moments that bring temporary joy in return for long-term soul stains. We lunge at each other when we should be attacking the real targets that inflict pain in our world.

Occasionally, however, I get an indication that all is not lost. I realize in those moments that there is hope. That the species has a real chance to elevate its collective spirit and redeem its existence.

That happened for me today when I thumbed through an old stack of comic books from 1978 and came upon this ad:

Jesus, Griz. You're harshing my prebubescent wood.

It was then, after I scanned the ad, that I realized we have indeed evolved into a slightly more advanced culture.

I mean, hell. Grizzly Adams? A sex symbol? Jesus Jones on a jump rope, what were we thinking? The dude had more hair than the bear he hung with. He had follicles in places monkeys don't. The guy was like a human chia pet, albeit a chia that had a penchant for blow.

At least our sexual compass isn't that screwed up anymore. We've got that going for us, which is nice.

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