October 01, 2007


Hey, it's Side Salad's birfday

So, yeah, it's hard to believe, but Side Salad has been vomiting stupidity upon the blogosphere for five whole damn years. Which, when compared to other things online, makes us feel kinda old and creaky.

When we started this, there was no YouTube. There was no MySpace. AOL was still the big boy online. And we weren't referring to ourselves in the collective third-person royal "we." My how times have changed.

Did we think we would be doing this five years hence? Certainly we did not not. Especially after a variety of hiatuses that took us offline for lack of interest and interesting things to say. That the damn thing came back at all speaks to this powerful cocktail of personal communication, technology, vanity and lack of discipline to channel energy as a force for good.

In previous years, I've offered a list of links that I thought were particularly emblematic of the Salad Bowl experience.

Because I lack the time and resources to think outside of the imaginary box, much less come up with a better non-box cliche, I hereby repeat myself for the fifth time in five years with this link of highlights.

Mmmm. Porcine lady bidness.

What you see is what you get.

Snack cake hate crime.


Wheel of Death.

Freckie Juice.

Cut it out.

3 quarters in the same slot.

Put your damn pants on.

Adjective parade.

Charlie, Martin and Afro Sheen.

("Good Luck Amy")

Our sincere thanks goes out to everyone who reads the Salad and contributes to it in their various ways. We're all very, very appreciative. All of us.

Here's hoping for five more. Days.

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