October 02, 2007


We received good news late last week: my buddy Drew is scheduled to leave Iraq the middle of this month.

Welcome Home 2-27 WolfhoundsSome of his the 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry soldiers, the Wolfhounds, have started to return back home to Hawaii. The first group came home on Friday. Another larger group arrives tomorrow. Drew is expected to follow on Oct. 13.

Got a couple notes from him yesterday:

Drew's Moment of ZenJeff;

I have only a few weeks left here and had to put some of this into perspective. I am in the middle of typing my last letter to Family and Friends of the Wolfhounds and with so much to say about what we have accomplished here and the cost of this success; I thought this picture summarized it best.

With a sunset like this, you have to find some possibility of peace and hope for an area that has seen little.

We have many “Old Soldiers” looking down on us happy that we are giving the people of this area a chance at liberty and prosperity. Prayers and support from home is really not that far away …

Talk Soon;


Drew also sent this e-mail and photo:


Meet LTC Fatah, Iraqi Police Chief for the Hawijah District and LTC Abdulrachmon, Iraqi Army Battalion Commander.

Drew with his Iraqi counterparts

We have been working side by side for 14-months…

OK … The start was not side-by-side … I had to use the Drew Charm to get them out working for their own future, but how could they ever resist my sweet, cuddly way of doing business?


Commander, 2-27 IN "Wolfhounds"


Getting the job done.

Excerpt from Soldier magazine.

Walking tall.

Desert sombreros.

'Not the same Hawijah.'

Time out for toys.

Coffee and sunsets.

Get your motor runnin'.

"Wolfhounds don't do anything small."

Thanksgiving in Iraq.

"What sacrifice for the sake of freedom feels like."

"I am amazed by them every single day."

It's who you know.

Month two of deployment.

I'd walk a mile.

Boots on the ground.

Once more into the breech.

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