October 07, 2007


It's been something of a nightmare 24 hours here at Casa del Ensalada.

We came home from running errands yesterday to find the house trashed. Limousines were parked out front. Inside was a tableau like I had never seen: poodles dressed up like rap video whores walking around with flutes of Cristal, papparazzi pressing their lenses against the living room windows, helicopters hovering overhead tracking cars that were leaving the driveway.

Then it all made sense.

Yesterday saw something of a coming out party for a member of the Salad Clan.

Lincoln in the Tampa Tribune - full page

Lincoln in the Tampa Tribune

Lincoln got a little inkage in the Trib. It was a photo from his early portfolio, but it still generated an insane amount of media coverage.

In only a few short hours, the notoriety that his photo had generated totally warped his personality. Being a celebridog had clearly gone to his head. Caught up in the maelstrom, of course, was Abraham, who, as he did while still a pup, started acting like Turtle to Lincoln's Vince in a canine version of "Entourage." When we walked in, I caught Abe on the Internet ordering a custom Maserati and a gold chain-link choker on a retractable leash.

We, of course, decided to make the best of a bad situation. We sold these compromising photos of him to Dog Fancy.

Serves him right for turning our lives upside down.

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