October 12, 2007


Looking for something different for lunch?

Might I suggest...

Chicken and Waffles at TNT's Southern Spice

... the chicken and waffle plate at TNT's Southern Spice in Ybor City?

Day-um. This was good. Be sure to order the Ybor Mix to go with it. It's a 50-50 mixture of homemade lemonade and sweetened iced tea. Give my best to Tammy Miller and Toyia Brim, the owners who run the joint and do the catering.

Don't like chicken and waffles? Check out the rest of their menu:

Menu from TNT'S Southern Spice in Tampa

Mmmm. Love me some oxtails.

I found TNT after a tip from reader Martha Bair. She wrote:

They change menu daily so they give it out over the phone. You may want to check it out - oxtails on weekends, Banana Pudding & BBQ on Fridays. Fried Pork chops, chicken, turkey wings, great veggies most days. Parking is very limited so most business is take away.

I usually stop by for take-out end of day as they are open until 7:30 pm. Closed Mondays I think. My favorites? Well, oxtails are good but only avble on weekends; fried pork chop is good. They constantly try to get me to branch out & experiment - I had turkey wings, fried chicken wings with waffle - very weird flavor combo, but I had read about it in Trib write-up about a restaurant in Ybor City, so I dived in. (After all - you are corresponding with someone who ate fried scorpions in China! I am open to new things and do not consider myself a food snob, but have to confess my fave restaurant in world is Victoria & Albert's at Grand Floridian.)


::::ears perk:::::

Thanks, Martha. I appreciate the scouting report.

We used the visit today as an occasion to bid farewell to our favorite health reporter in the world, Ms. Patty Kim, who will be escaping the compound leaving for greener professional pastures next week.

You can watch video of our dining experience. You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Part 1, in which we are served our food:

Part 2, in which Patty and Domenick, describe the contents of their dishes:

Part 3, in which Domenick explains the particulars of the wonderful batter and seasonings on the chicken:

Part 4, in which Domenick attacks his waffle like a gator dragging a wildebeast into the African watering hole:

And, lastly, Domenick commits a syrup hate crime.

If you still feel like eating at TNT despite watching Domenick do so, check out this map below. Phone number: (813) 247-2540.

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Grandma Flossie's BBQ

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