November 18, 2007


BrianAndDaddyO.jpgSCENE NO. 1: INTERIOR, MORNING. A 12-year-old boy eats breakfast as his father cleans the kitchen.

BOY: [sings] Daaaaaa da da daaaaaaaa da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

FATHER: Is there a reason you're singing the "Godfather" theme?

BOY: I just remembered something.

FATHER: What's that?

BOY: Last year, at lunch one day ...

FATHER: Wait. You're telling me a story about something that happened a year ago?

BOY: Yes.

FATHER: See, this is what I mean when I ask you every day, "So, what happened at school today?"

BOY: [laughs] I know.

FATHER: Not, "So, what happened at school last year?" What happened today.

BOY: Okay ...

FATHER: You weren't listening to me.

BOY: Yes I was. Okay, so last year at lunch one day ...

FATHER: [goans]

BOY: ... Victor banished me from the lunch table.

FATHER: Victor? For what?

BOY: It's not important.

FATHER: Of course it's important.

BOY: No, it's not.

FATHER: Any time you're banished from something, the reason you're banished is usually important.

BOY: Well, it wasn't. So, Victor banished me ...

FATHER: [feigns disgust] Okay.

BOY: So I go sit at another table with some other people.

FATHER: Victor has this kind of power?

BOY: No, I was just doing it as a joke.


BOY: So, I go to the other table ...


BOY: Everyone from Victor's table came over and sat with me.


Godfather Kissing Hand 2BOY: [sings while holding up wrist and kissing it] Daaaaaa da da daaaaaaaa da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

FATHER: [stifling laughter] So, you're saying you're Michael Corleone?

BOY: [continues singing while holding his wrist at his father to kiss] Daaaaaa da da daaaaaaaa da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

FATHER: You bring that wrist over here and it will be the last thing you get kissed.

BOY: [laughing while singing, now standing in front of his father] Daaaaaa da da daaaaaaaa da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

FATHER: [taking his son's hand and bowing toward the wrist, he instead wipes his nose on the boy's sleeve]

BOY: [laughs] I certainly didn't see that one coming.

FATHER: [impersonating the heavy voice of Luca Brasi] And I hope your first child will be a masculine child.


Waiting in car line with Andre.

Renaming Andre.

Driving with Andre.

Watching TV with Andre.

Breakfast with Andre.

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