March 01, 2008


Saw this car while coming back from a trip to Anna Maria Island the other day.

Convertible in Bradenton.JPG

Ah, a convertible.

I always start out envying people who drive convertibles, especially in Florida. I assume they're having more fun than I am. Then I remember the last time I was in a convertible and how deaf it made me to drive next to semi trucks while my cranium was being buffeted by 50 mph wind gusts. My envy quickly subsides.

Wait a second...

Convertible in Bradenton - Hey I know that guy.JPG

I think I know that guy in the back seat.

Convertible in Bradenton - Woody from Toy Story.JPG

Someone poisoned the water hole.


Timing is everything.

Haten and hogs.

Drive-by Twinkie.

Jimi Hendrix Edition.

Sit on it and rotate.

I'm your private antenna dancer.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Welcome to Springfield.

Orange you glad you're not this guy?

Everything's better when it sits on a Ritz.

Patriotic turtles.

Bubba's sidekick.

Goin' mobil.

G'day, mate.

Porn as a windowshade.

Jonathan Livingston Redneck.

Buc off, pal.

Such a dirty mess.

How cheep can you be?

I'm super! Thanks for asking.

Would you like an apple pie with that?

Hearse so good.

Drive fast, take chances.

Riding with Fab the deejay.

Beware of the Death Explorer.

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

My other car is a rocket-propelled grenade.

Live long and prosper. In an Altima.

Just two good ol' boys.

Asshats aplenty.

Nicotine is my crash helmet.

Jazz hands moms.

Ugly lug nuts.

Pretty ballsy.

My honor student can kick your ass.

Garfield mudflaps.

Horse and buddy.

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