March 10, 2008


The music industry's biggest innovation in the past two decades?

Gotta give it to the iPod.

The transportation industry?

Probably the Segway.

The newspaper industry?

Parade Magazine with Tina Fey.JPG

Inserting Parade magazine each Sunday. That and double-bagging on a rainy day.

This week's edition of Parade featured Tina Fey spread-eagle on a bicycle on the cover in a dress with a plunging neckline. You don't have to be Marilyn vos Savant to see the marketing wisdom of that bit of Freudian photography.

One cover tease in particular caught my eye:

Parade Magazine - 8 ways to live to 100 cover tease.JPG

Two questions popped into my mind.

First, who the hell would want to live to 100?

Second, there are actually eight? This I gotta see.

Parade Magazine - How to live to be 100.JPG

Repeat after me: Eat healthy. Stay slim. Drink wine. Get married. Produce some offspring. Practice religion. Live in the country.

Wow. Big news here.

And they say blogs are shallow.

The last one at the bottom, though, caught my eye:

Parade Magazine - Suggests reading the newspaper to live longer.JPG

Coincidentally, becoming disconnected, isolated and withdrawn can mark the begining of deterioration and loss of function for newspapers as well.

I love irony in all its forms.

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