March 20, 2008


Gawker has been in a twist about the Orlando Sentinel showing new photos of Ashley Alexander Dupre at a "Girls Gone Wild" shoot.

Gawker's Ryan Tate writes:

Ashley Alexandra Dupre in the Orlando Sentinel.JPG

Who doesn't have exclusive naughty Ashley Dupre content at this point? The Eliot Spitzer hooker appears topless (and nipple-less, thanks to silly photo editing) in the Orlando Sentinel this evening after the paper discovered it photographed her while preparing an article on video series Girls Gone Wild in 2003. The Sentinel follows in the Dupre-scooping footsteps of Us Weekly (non-nude photos), Girls Gone Wild (nude video), the Post (various, including a nudie cover photo), the Times (non-exclusive but quickly reposted MySpace pics), Daily News (cocaine allegations), Larry King (interview with an alleged Dupre pimp), nightlife impresario Steve Lewis (Dupre's celebrity boyfriend), and Gawker (cell phone video). There is surely more Dupre content lying undiscovered in laptops, cell phones and photo stashes across the country, not to mention social networks, magazine archives and random websites. Find your own EXCLUSIVE Dupre material and publish it to the world before the rest of your friends and relatives do likewise and Dupre finally and mercifully becomes passe, if she hasn't already.

The Sentinel must be crying today. Why? Because they missed covering this beauty/bikini/unfinished-hip-tattoo contest during the 12 Hours of Sebring car race (second one down):

Snap Gallery of the Day.JPG

This proves two things:

* People love them some 70-car pileup.

* Bikini skankfests are Internet gold.

Miss Boner Rods winner at the 24 Hours of Sebring.JPG

Take that, Orlando Sentinel.

::::sing along if you know the words::::

There she is, your Miss Boner Rods 2008

Miss Boner Rods.JPG

Stay classy, Sebring.

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