April 17, 2008


My University of Florida college friend Jacqueline at the always impressive and influencial JD Land shares this video clip from YouTube. It's a commercial for Skeeter's Big Biscuits, our favorite late-night eating establishment in Gainesville during the 1980s.

It's from, as she put it, "1986 no less!"

When I think of the times that I deployed their hubcap-size pancakes in the Asher Special as an absorbant boom for my liver, it brings goose flesh to my skin. (You young'uns may now ask your parents, "Mommy, Daddy, what's a hubcap?")

As one commenter mentioned on the RoadFood.com message boards:

Here in Gainesville i miss Skeeters. it boasted "biscuts as big as your head" it was downtown, and open all night. so we would lurch in there feet hurting ears ringing after a night of dancing at 80's old wave night at the University club and eat a huge breafast. Its now a nasty nasty little club.

Ah, the run-on sentences, poor punctuation, capitalization and tense disagreement. Must be a Gator grad. Or a former Alligator editor.

I keeeed. I keeeed. I am a keeeder.

JD's other comment:

"Waaah, I want an Asher!!!!!!!!!"

I've been trying to tap into my brain to remember what this commercial's production values remind me of.

Ah, now I've got it:

Kristin Wiig's Hot Air Balloon Commercial from SNL from Chris Harris on Vimeo.

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