August 25, 2008


Michael PanzecaWhen people don't ask me if MySpace of Facebook has any value, I don't tell them that it has very little value beyond helping you reconnect with co-workers that you see every day or high school friends you thought you'd shaken decades ago. Which perfectly explains why I have profiles on both.

I'm having to re-evaluate that crack bit of analysis now that I've reconnected with a friend I'd lost touch more than a decade ago, standup comic Michael Panzeca. (His signature bit was his opening line: "So, I'm stabbin' this guy...") As good a standup as he is, he's an even better person.

I met Mike while working on a story for the Palm Beach Post about the comedy traffic school he worked for. He'd go on to start his own chain of schools. But in the moving around process, we'd lost touch.

Last night, I got a friend request from him on MySpace. It was great to hear from him again. Thank you, MySpace.

Anyway, Mike had this video on his MySpace page. Apparently his brother, John, was at a Cincinnati Reds game and decided to get in a little face time on the baseball broadcast. The anchors decided to get their revenge:

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