December 29, 2008


I was accosted at a party over the weekend.

"What, only three Santas in the disturbing Santas calendar this year?"

I was disappointed by this statement. Not by the fact it was uttered, but because the person knows me well enough to understand that there's real time and then there's Salad time. Salad time takes much, much longer.

So, with that in mind, here are the remaining Calendar entries:

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

Subtle. Less is more.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

It's lonely at the North Pole.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

Santa's all about the potty.

(Photo courtesy of Alan Snel at Bike Stories.)

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

This is just how Rommie rolls.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

Lose a receipt?

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

She may be hot, but not enough to erase the image of Gleason singing in a Santa suit.

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

And a Dolly New Year.

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

Santa appears to be enjoying Superman's help a bit too much.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

Going political wasn't necessary.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

I'm going out on a limb to say one of the kids is adopted.

Calendar of Disturbingg Santas

You have the right to remain Jolly.

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

Nobody likes a skinny Santa.

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

Amateur night? I think not.

Calendar of Disturbing Santas

Fur load.

Will Ho For Booze

One suspects you'd ho for much less, my friend.

Santa gives the finger

Some things require no comment.

Santa Keytar

Keytar? Why did it have to be a keytar?

Wont you guide my sleigh tonight

He nose if you've been bad or good.

Santa Mercenery

That's racist.

Santa subpoena

Sam couldn't understand why the Secret Service stopped him at the gate.

I want you to spend a lot

Yeah? Well, I want a therapist.

Horny Claus

At least he isn't taking cameraphone photos at courtside.

In hopes that an STD soon wouldn't be there

Santa scabies, I'm filling my stocking with simplex, and checks.

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