April 11, 2009


Peace Rose Rifle Necklace

Stopped by Godiva yesterday at the mall to shop for some Easter candy. Sampled some peanut butter truffle eggs.

Found a few things to buy, small little delicacies. Store was crowded. Two clerks behind the counter, a young man and woman, were busy trying to serve everyone. Two needy women who ordered Godiva shakes were clogging the retail pipe. The youngish male clerk tried hard to help. There was much frivolity and giggling. The three appeared to be sharing tips on bags and shoes. It was like the worst episode of "The View."

"Can I take the next customer?" the youngish female clerk asked at a second register. With spiky hair and a delicate, milky complexion that had no depth to it, she looked like an anime character, albeit one that would be working at Godiva, of course. Stepped forward with my purchases.

She rang the items, took my card and swiped. I noticed what appeared to be a rifle pendant on a short necklace around her neck.

"Is that a rifle with flowers?"

She giggled shyly.

"It's a Kent State thing," she said. "It's a hippie thing."


She continued.

"I guess I was born at the wrong time," she said.

I did my best to digest the previous statement without appearing judgmental. My raised eyebrows, furrowed forehead and puffy frenulum betrayed my true thoughts.

Chaos, tear gas and pointless death apparently seem romantic 38 years later to underage clerks from within the climate-controled comfort of a gourmet chocolate retailer.

If only Godiva made dark chocolate billy clubs. That would be delicious. And on-topic.

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