December 13, 2009

Another year, another amazing Latkefest

Latkefest 2009

Every year, the Salad Clan is invited to the much anticipated Latkefest in Seminole Heights.

And every year, the event gets more and more wonderful.

Latkefest 2009

New friendships are formed.

Latkefest 2009

Glad tidings are shared.

Latkefest 2009

And delcious food - like this caprese and spinach dip on challah bread bruschetta - is enjoyed.

Latkefest 2009

Even the eggs are happy.

Al and Jeff Sombrero

Alan Snel of the outstanding Bike Stories blog throws Latkefest each year.

He bestowed this lovely sombrero upon the salad family as a holiday present last night.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Hanukkah.

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