August 24, 2010

Starting All Over Again
[First Day of 10th Grade]

Salad Boy went back to school today. It's 10th grade, which is not so nerve-wracking as 9th grade, but enough to make you anxious and unable to catch a full breath.

When we went to orientation last week, it was apparent how much the summer had changed him. Friends and classmates gawked at his height. Girls squealed and pointed and giggled. Teachers marveled at the growth spurt. It was good to see the surprise we experienced at home all summer manifest in other people's expressions.

Last night, I asked if he had everything ready to go. He insisted that he did.

"I packed my gum and my earbuds..."

Not exactly what I was hoping my young student would say.

Which brings us to this morning.

Brian's First Day of 10th Grade

There he is with his friends Domenick and Shaun. They're about to head to the bus stop down the street.

Would you believe the kid on the left got up at 4:45 a.m.?

Would you believe he ran a mile on the treadmill before breakfast?

Yeah. Summer changed the boy alright.

Brian's First Day of 10th Grade

Brian's First Day of 10th Grade

Brian's First Day of 10th Grade

I insist on taking these photos every year. Mostly because I cannot believe how fast they fly by. And, on cue, he insists every year that he's barely tolerating our tradition.

This was last year's:

Brian's First Day of High School

That was his friend, Gabe.

That was the first year of the Dark Walk To The Bus Stop.

It was less hospitable for photo taking, but I managed.

Brian's First Day of High School

Improvise, adapt, overcome.


Eighth grade.


He wanted that photo shot before his friends Ketchie and Derek walked up.

First day of 7th Grade

Seventh grade.

Walking To The Bus Stop

That year, he walked with Robbie to the bus stop.

And so on.

Next year? He'll probably be driving then.

And I'll be fainting on the front lawn.

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