October 06, 2011

Magic Kingdom Turns 40
['That Was The Best Day At The Park, Ever']

Magic Kingdom Visit

Longtime readers of the Salad (the three of you that maybe still check in here) may recognize the two people in this photo. They let me tag along during a visit to the Magic Kingdom for a story I did in the Tribune about the 40th anniversary of the park and what it meant to Florida.

Apparently being on the front page of the Tampa Tribune still holds cache.

Magic Kingdom Visit

Sherrye wrote me a note after the story ran:

I have become famous at my school and they are asking for autographs and more pictures. I signed one as Minnie and put ears on it. Could you send more of the pictures you took that day? Thanks for making me a star in my own little world. People keep calling me that I have not heard from in years.

Sherrye also admonished me to start updating Side Salad again.

So here we are.

Thanks again, Sherrye. You and Paul are the best.

Here's a gallery of the day we spent at the park:

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