October 10, 2011


Sombrero playing card

This blog used to be a flowing font of sombrero information. We love the grand chapeau in a way that borders the unnatural, so we've always been fascinated by anything related to the topic.

Like this story from Florida Atlantic University's student newspaper, which recently explored the topic of contraceptives.

How can one know that a condom is in the appropriate shape? Just ask a university administrator:

“Just remember, if the condom looks like a perfectly formed sombrero as it comes out of the wrapper…then it’s totally fiesta time!” said FAU administrator Courtney Weaver to a roomful of students.

In entertainment news, the group Holy Moly has a new batch of songs out. D Magazine online has a review:

Holy Moly - Clickity Clack
Holy Moly, “Golden Sombrero” This is one of several tautly played, twangy tales on the Fort Worth country band’s new CD Grasshopper Cowpunk, which will be released Saturday during a show at the Aardvark. The tune isn’t lacking in corny lyrics (“‘Donde es tequila mi bonita senorita, said the man with the gold sombrero’”), but singer Joe Rose (pictured) possesses enough attitude to pull them off, and there’s some nice pedal steel to be found in there, too. Fun for all ages.

You can listen to "Golden Sombrero" on the band's Facebook page. It's a pretty snappy tune.

Lastly, my friend Anna sent me a lovely sombreo-related note.

Freddie Mercury sombrero

She wrote:

Coming up on the 20-year anniversary of the death of the great Freddie Mercury.

I'd heard rumors of his large sombrero. I find it was indeed true.

This thing called sombreros? I just can't handle it.

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