September 21, 2003


I have been blessed at various points of my life to know people whom I have considered to be so sympatico, so in concert with my sensibilities and view of the world that I would indeed take a bullet for them.

Rommie and Mitch just became two of them.


Because only true friends would think to take a photo like this when both of them knew that I would be out of the office on this particular day and, thus, unable to take the photo myself:

Rommie's cutline for this shot: "What color socks is Mitch wearing? On Friday, they were sort of a drab green with a nice pattern. He must be close to running out of non-whites."

Friendship isn't about who will loan you money or who's going to pick you up from the airport or whether they'll put their relationship with you on the line to talk you out of marrying an ass-heavy Latino starlet with a penchant for mowing through paramours like a bush hog clears an overgrown field.

Friendship is a guy who takes a picture of another guy's leg accessories so that the circle of stupidity fostered in a photo project remains unbroken.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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