September 18, 2003


What happens when a TV network sends a press kit with a mullet wig enclosed?

You get The Mullet Project.

Yes, that's me throwing the devil horns.

Cassio was a little too eager to wear the wig. The Paul Stanley lip pursing didn't help matters any. Plus, you can peek at his pelt under the wig. Drapes don't match the carpet, big guy. Definitely a mullet don't.

Elaine had to be convinced to don the mullet. Begged is more like it. Only a promise by Walt to hold her hair got the task accomplished.

The results? Well worth the extra effort.

Believe it or not, no drugs were harmed in the making of this picture. Well, at least not within the 45 second span it took to take Curtis' photo.

Walt looks as if he could be auditioning for the .38 Special reunion tour.

So caught up in youuuu, little girrrrrl. And I never wanna get myself free.

Wonder what the boys on the force back home would say about this, Lenny?

You have the right to remain sexy, sugah.

I'll name my next child Bob - boy or girl - if he wears this wig to our next Asses of Fire outing.

What would a pissed-off woodland sprite look like with a mullet? Exactly like Phil.

You might argue that this frame I snapped of Ken came at an inopportune moment...

...then again, he didn't look that much different for his Sombrero Project photo.

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