September 16, 2003


Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days. Side Salad is moving into more spacious digs.

Suffice to say it will have all the room to post all the stupid and ridiculous photos you've come to know and love, only without the nagging inability to see them due to Blogger outtages.

Once I figure out how to run the Moveable Type software with some sort of efficiency and authority - no small task, I assure you - I'll post the new link. It'll be nice to be in a place where I know my archives will be able to run like wild bison.

Editor's Note: Postings here in the Salad Bowl may be infrequent in coming days, since I'll be attending a convention through Saturday.

Not sure how this will impact the next Asses of Fire tour stop attendance on Friday. I promise to do everything in my power to keep the cholesterol-choked streak alive.

I like to think of myself as a gastronomic Cal Ripken. Only I have all my hair.

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