September 05, 2003


Alan over at the always brilliant Hudsonian sends along what he describes as, "a beautiful prank.''

Baseball commissioner Bud Selig apparently thought he was talking with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien in a 12-minute telephone conversation that aired on a Montreal radio station Tuesday.

They talked about the Expos and the commish wondered why the Canadian leader hadn't contacted him long before about the plight of the team.

In fact, Selig was talking to Marc-Antoine Audette of Les Justiciers Masques (Blind Justices), a group known to listeners of CKOI for its pranks. But Selig, who apparently knows of Chretien, obviously does not know of Audette and his Chretien impersonations.

According to various Canadian newspapers, Selig described saving the Expos for Montreal as "mission impossible." He also blamed the Expos' problems on former minority partners, calling their actions "appalling."

Major League Baseball spokesman Rich Levin apparently was not amused. He termed Audette's entertainment bit "a reprehensible example of journalism."

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