July 31, 2003


My story about a St. Petersburg native - and huge Buccaneers fan - now living in Tokyo ran today. You can't tell it by the bird's nest of text at the bottom of the Web version, but I had a Japanese interpreter translate some Bucs-related phrases from English to Japanese. (Including the above phrase, which means, "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.")

Other phrases included:

Pound that rock!
Engi yoku rei no iwa o tata-ite!

It's automatica with Gramatica.
Guramatica sen shu no kerri- kata wa jidou-teki.

Welcome back, Booger McFarland.
O-kaeri-nasai bugaa-san.

Oh, no. There goes Tokyo. Oh, no. QB Killa.
A-ree tookyoo mo dai-nashi da. QB ga yarare soh.

Give us the Chucky face!
Chat-key no shik-ame-tsurra o misete.

I could use another beer.
Bee-ru o gui-tto nomi-taj na

On a related note, Tribune writer Roy Cummings is keeping an online journal of his time in Tokyo.

Roy writes:

This place is spotless. I walked around the city for about four hours Tuesday and only once did I spot a piece of litter on the ground. Even the taxis pass the white-glove test. Hop into one and you think you've just hopped into a freshly detailed car. There isn't a speck of dirt inside and the seats are covered with the same kind of lacy white linen as the doilies in my grandmother's house.

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