April 15, 2004



Alan over at the always impeccable and highly readable Hudsonian passes along this interesting fan promotion night in Philadelphia:

As part of the opening of Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies - who conclude their first regular-season home series tonight against the Reds - have partnered with St. Louis-based Build-A-Bear Workshop to create the 400-square-foot "Make Your Own Phanatic" store inside the ballpark. The store, the only Build-A-Bear Workshop within a sports facility, allows fans to customize their own Phillie Phanatic doll in the same fashion as Build-A-Bear's signature Bearemy doll. For $22, fans get their Phanatic doll stuffed and clothed with the mascot's regular Phillies uniform. For about $10 more, the Phanatic doll can be outfitted with one of several past Phanatic costumes.

Anyone remember when you went to the ballpark to... watch the game?

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