April 18, 2004



It's my own fault, really. For far too long, The Mullet Project has been far too neglected while the more bedazzling Hulk Hands Project, The Sombrero Project (and its subsequent parts (Dos, Tres and Quatro),and The King Project garnered all the glory.

It was an easy mistake to make.

But much of that neglect was rectified on Saturday night when I took it to a party being thrown in honor of my buddy Drew, who just got a big promotion at work.

The results, quite honestly, were breathtaking.


Drew felt the need to have the comfort that only a sombrero can provide while wearing a mullet.

When you see this photo, can there be any question of how this man was able to attain his latest career achievement? I think not.


When Kurt put on the wig, a genetic trigger snapped in his molecules, releasing Molly Hatchet DNA that he didn't even know he had.


There are two types of people in the world: people who were made to wear mullet wigs and those who were made to wear sombreros. Mike and Autumn have clearly found their correct niches.


Or maybe not.


As Nancy helps adjust his pelt, Mike tries out a little air piano.


Ahhhh. All is now correct. Mike is indeed a man of the mullet.


This photo proves a well-known axiom: You can never have too many guys named Mike wearing a mullet at a party.


You have no idea how hard we had to crowbar Paul and Sherry to get the damn things off their heads. Some people just acquire an unnatural fixation for mullets and sombreros, I guess. It's understandable, of course, but you've gotta know when to say when.


One day in the future, computer anthropologists will comb the Web in search of an answer as to whether the purest form of human joy, the ecstasy that comes from knowing your truest self, was ever made manifest on the Internet.

And then they will find this photo. And all answers shall be made known.

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