May 15, 2004


My buddy Drew is over in United Arab Emirates on a work trip.

Believe me, it's no pleasure cruise, if these comments in his e-mail this week are any indication:

Oh My is hot here. Was 120 degrees yesterday and I think it was about 110 today. Granted, it is very dry, but 110 degrees is still 110 degrees.

Anyway, to keep his spirits up, I sent him a link to a Web site. Nothing crazy. Just something to make him laugh.

Instead of taking him to that site, he got this message back from the UAE goverment:

We apologize the site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates.

In the event you think this site should not be blocked then please send an "unblock" request to

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