May 15, 2004



Esquire is a brilliant magazine. The book has reinvented itself repeatedly over the past decade into a more readable, fun publication. There's a reason it just took four trophies at the National Magazine Awards.

And unlike a lot of publications, it gets the Web. The latest example is the gallery of Brutally Honest Personals, in which they asked regular people to submit a personal ad that actually describes their life. Warts and all.

Like Laine, a 37-year-old actress from Jersey City who says she's "buried under a mountain of credit-card bills and debt from spending like Paris Hilton on a bender, I live in the lousy part of Jersey City with three dogs and two rats, named Ratso Rizzo and Albino Andy."

There's a keeper!

Posted by Jeff at May 15, 2004 09:51 AM | TrackBack

I loved these. Of course, I just looked at the women. I figured that reading men being brutally honest might be painful. :-)

Posted by: Parkway Rest Stop at May 15, 2004 02:52 PM