May 28, 2004


To anyone who has ever told me they though journalism was glamourous, (usually someone who is not in the business), I tell them that if anyone ever saw how we put the newspaper together, they'd be horrified. Not that it isn't a worthwhile process, just that it takes lots of sweat and last minute decisions to get things right. A lot of people compare it to sausage making. I'd like to think that we're mechanics building a high-performance engine; you'll like the way the car runs when we're done, but you don't really want to see us putting the pistons and the rods together.

That was true the other day when we shot the art for a food cover story we did. As an example, here first is the image you saw in the paper. It's the word BBQ spelled out in food.


Now, for the part you didn't see - How the photo was made:


Here, Kathy the photographer is hovering over the blistering heat. She was thoughtful enough to take her shoes off before stepping on my new cooler. My dog, however, was not thoughtful enough to not sit directly behind her. Or from letting his hair fly into the food.

Nice, huh?

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