May 28, 2004



I went last night and hung out at the plaza outside The Forum That Is In Tampa But Which Has The Named Sponsor Of A St. Petersburg Business On The Outside. With thousands of my closest friends. We all enjoyed seeing the Tampa Bay Lightning beat the snot out of the Calgary Flames 4-1 in Game 2. It was so delicious, I can still taste the victory. Or maybe that's just the beer and cigar I had.

On my way to the Forum, I saw the most curious site...


Is that... a guy in a hockey jersey and... a sombrero?!?!?!


You bet it is. It's my friend Alan. He thought he'd wear the hat for good luck. "It's my rally sombrero," he said.

It also appears to be quite popular with the ladies.


Al wore the sombrero with great distinction. Including during the middle of personal phone calls.

That's my bike, by the way. It's Tampa Bay Lightning Blue. I may have to buy another one for Bucs season.


There is no way to look at this photo and not come away with thinking that this, somehow, was a meeting of the minds.

Truth be told, everyone was doing their best to try and stoke a little mojo for the team. Superstition is a powerful tool among hockey players and fans. Everyone tries to do their part for their team. Last night, it worked.


Of course, Rommie thinks his circa-1992 Dan Bradley jersey is what did the trick.

Want more pics? Check out my gallery of photos taken in the plaza outside the Forum.

Posted by Jeff at May 28, 2004 08:35 AM | TrackBack

That's Brian Bradley, circa 1993-94. Game-worn, friend. The real deal. Don't disrespect the mojo!

Posted by: Rommie at May 28, 2004 12:02 PM

I always liked the old jerseys better than the new ones, if just for the way the numbers looked... I don't think you can classify a circa-93/94 jersey as a "throwback", but perhaps the Lightning could bring those jerseys back someday :-)

Posted by: blunted at May 29, 2004 09:06 AM