May 29, 2004


So I went to fill up the family four-door today. And this is what I see parked over at the next line of gas pumps:


Awww. How quaint. A bachelorette party on wheels.

Wait. What's that other window say?



Wait. Only a buck? I'm going to take a wild guess - based on the diagram next to the phrase - and surmise that it would be a two-for-one deal.

Who'd have thought we'd see the day that a gallon of gasoline would be double the price of...


Wait. What's the side window say?


All you Donna Summer fans, sing it with me:
"Oh, it's her last chance... her last chance... to suuuuuuuuuuck..."

Seeing all this and possessing a camera phone was too much for me to handle. I had to capture this scene in pictures.

Sure enough, when the Tess and her bridesmaids come loping out of the 7-Eleven with their chips and Mountain Dew bottles, they're more than amenable to having a group photo.


The bride is second from the left.

The best part happened just before the photo was taken. The girl on the right asks, "Is this going to be on the Internet?"

Oh yes. Yes it will, I say.

And then all of them proceeded to pose. Why?

Because weddings are about mamories. Uh, memories.

A Postscript: Rommie's reply after I sent him these photos was, "I'm sure Tess's parents will be amused when she returns their mini-van in the morning. Suck for a buck? That seems like a hell of a bargain. Perhaps it's time for Greenspan to lower interest rates again.''

Editor's Note: I was not so uncooth to actually proffer a dollar bill. I only had quarters on me at the time.

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and I don't move back to Tampa until July? Sometimes life just isn't fair.

Posted by: blunted at June 2, 2004 11:38 AM