August 12, 2004



Well, if it's summer in Florida, it must be time for a double hurricane.

Tropical Storm Bonnie is on her way to dance over the panhandle of Florida, while we sit here in Tampa and wait for Charley to dance on our heads. The predicted track will take it almost directly over my house.

I'm not too worried; I've been through this plenty before. I couldn't be further from water if I tried, so storm surge isn't an issue. But still, you have to respect Big Momma and what she could do to your home.

One year when I lived in Stuart on Florida's east coast, we lost power for a week. Let me just say that you have no idea what it is like to hate Florida until you're stuck in a place where it's 100 percent humidity and 90 degrees at night and the 90 mph breeze you just had a few days ago no longer exists on even a whisper level. We were miserable.

Everyone is taking the storm seriously. I just got a note from my neighbor Drew about it. Drew and I joke about the time that another neighbor, Rich, asked Drew what he should do to prepare for a terrorist attack. Duct tape and celophane? What?

"Do you have food and water?" Drew asked.

"Oh yeah, yeah, tons of it,'' Rich said.


"Do you have a gun?" Drew asked.

"Why do you ask?" Rich said.

"Because I have a gun,'' Drew said.

An awkward silence ensued until Rich realized Drew's point.

So Drew e-mails me this note today:

Subject: Hurricane Party


Hope all is well and your preparation for the impending rain is going ok. Let me know if you need any help. I expect the a little wind and a lot of rain, but no major problems in the magnitude of "Hurricane Andrew". That said, I still plan for the worst!

Think the biggest problem we all might have will be an extended "Power Loss" and problems associated with that (Water, Heat, etc). Just to let you know, We have a generator capable of powering one Refrigerator and various other items as needed (TV, DVD, VCR, Lights, Microwave, etc). During darkness, this is always useful for the kids so they don't freak out...funny how a movie can prevent that!

You and your family are always welcome at our home if you feel the desire to weather out the storm in the neighborhood. Besides, always nice to have an additional person to pull security (Goes back to the "we don't stockpile food, but do stockpile guns" theory). Mike and Autumn don't have their kids this weekend and I will extend them a similar invitation. Worst case it that the Refrigerator will keep the beer cold and we will have a party.

Let me know if you need anything...


And my reply:


As long as Rich prepares and we have enough ammo to reload, you and I will be fine.

That's all to say that I'll be blogging the storm, as long as electricity allows.

You have been warned.

Posted by Jeff at August 12, 2004 07:10 AM

Heh...we are in a an evacuation zone. Yay. We ain't leavin tho. I will be blogging too!!! See yah out there!!!


Posted by: jen at August 12, 2004 08:57 PM

Heh...I speaka gooda englis....


Posted by: jen at August 12, 2004 09:00 PM

Stay safe, Jeff.

Posted by: Emma at August 12, 2004 09:12 PM

I grew up in Stuart and remember when David came through in '79. This one's going to make David look like a light breeze. Good luck.

Posted by: Ted at August 13, 2004 04:06 PM