September 25, 2004


Trapped in our homes by darkness and wind, my buddy Drew and I are trading bleary eyed missives tonight:


Parents came up to get out of Palm Beach County. Hope you guys are all “Hunkered Down” (Guess you need to drink a beer now). Now sitting here watching idiots reporting from the storm areas. Am I the only person who silently wishes these fools get hit by a fricken coconut? CAN”T SLEEP!!!

Report from brother in West Jupiter: Winds are a lot worse than Frances. Taking on a lot of water from the west side of house. No power for a few hours. Not pretty, but family is doing well.

I replied:


I’m sitting here barely able to keep my eyes open and yet unable to think about going to sleep.

Brian and I wound up having the “birds and bees” talk in the car on the way over to Clearwater. All because he wanted an explanation of the word “pimp.''

I just got back from buying 21 bags of ice for three coolers, just in case. We’ve taken in the plants. Again. And the lawn furniture. Again. And the frigging basketball hoop. Again.

I’m not sure what normal is around here any longer.

And he says:


Normal is having my garage full of crap that is supposed to be decorating my pool patio.

Normal is now watching a fricken map of the state of Florida as a Big, Swirling Vortex of Crap move at a snails pace towards my house.

Normal is still not being able to watch a College Football game on Saturday.

Normal is getting upset when you don’t hear the TV say “Hunker Down” before the next commercial break.

Oh yeah…I’m losing it…

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