September 26, 2004


Well, the fun starts now.

Woke up about 30 minutes ago to the sound of rain and wind pelting the house. Imagine sending your home through a car wash and having 100 gorilla's jumping up and down on the roof. That'd be a good start.

This thing is nowhere near what it's going to be in a couple hours and I'm already pretty concerned.


The center is somewhere over Sebring right now. We're just starting to get the heavy rains and more is on the way.


We live in the Bloomingdale part of Valrico. So you can see, the merry-go-round of fun has just reached us.

Like a moron, I went out to get the paper 10 minutes ago and had the front door blow in on me. Bad idea. The paper can sit out on the front lawn as far as I care right now. It was so thoughtful for them to put a projectile out there for my disposal.

Right now, all my willy nilly worrying and ice buying and gas pumping and bathtub filling and plant-gathering is starting to have more merit. This is going to get ugly.

I knew we were too lucky to miss this four times.

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