September 26, 2004


Just took a spin around some Central Florida blogs. here are the highlights:

Robert at Interstate 4 Jamming reports:

One of the reporters on WTVT-FOX 13 was doing a live shot in Lake Wales from a shelter location parking lot, and they caught a simply remarkable picture of an extended flash in the background of a transformer(s) blowing/possibly catching fire of in the distance. The electricity here is still on, but it did flicker a time or two after 3:00 AM while I was standing out on the front balcony and saw a couple of transformers toward US 98 blow.

Robyn in Tampa over at Shutterblog is feeling a tad affectionate about her power tools:

I want to hug each and every electrical appliance here before I turn out the lights tonight, knowing we're only a huff 'n' a puff from this again. Because even though the National Hurricane Center still begs to differ, our local weather studs have yet to see that turn north everyone insists on, meaning we'll get even worse winds / rain than the 'official track' predicts at present.

Meanwhile, Stacy Sekimori in Lakeland, designer of the Salad Bowl, has invented a drinking game:

Watching the histrionics of the local news folks, as they stupidly stand in 100 mph wind, batting futilely at the jet-propelled bits of razor sharp sand as they embed in their corneas and eardrums...all we can do is root for them to fall down. Guy is standing at a 45 degree angle in wind and rain that is moving so fast it appears to be one single element, I'm yelling at the TV, "FALL DOWN!!!"

So here's a quickie drinking game:

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane rucks their inadequate windbreaker hood up against the side of their face in a vain attempt to keep horizontal rain from siphoning out their sinus cavities, take one drink.

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane gets hit upside the head by a flying piece of debris, sand, small mammal, etc., take two drinks.

- When the stupid newsperson standing in the middle of the hurricane FALLS DOWN, everybody drink!

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