August 28, 2005


As I've said before, the Salad minions are numerous, and they're armed with digital photographic technology, so be on your best behavior.

Jolie the Supergoddess sends along this report from the field. Apparently something caught her eye at Boston's Haymarket and she felt compelled to share, what with the Salad Bowl's reverence for inanimate objects with phallic tendencies:

From: Jolie
Sent: Saturday, August 27, 2005 2:46 PM
Subject: BEHOLD!!!

The Eggplant Penis!


A closer look provides all the pertinent details:


Oh, my.

Then again, it looks almost Nixonian.

About this photo, Jolie writes:


Jeff, if this photo doesnít represent Salad Devotion, I donít know what does.


p.s. That second photo? The Eggplant Penis with French Tickler.

Devotion indeed, my dear Jolie.

Posted by Jeff at August 28, 2005 09:57 AM | TrackBack

Very cool little package you dug up on haymarket. It's a fantastic place, even better now that it's not underneath an elevated highway.

Visitors to Boston should definitely take a swing through, and then cross the street into the North End for a bollapast (that's 'bowl of pasta' for those of you who don't speak Masshole). I'd recommend the tortellini bolognese from Bella Vista on Hanover.

Posted by: jolie at August 28, 2005 12:58 PM

WHY dont I ever see this kind of produce at Publix?
And the second question is if i'd have the nerve to buy it ;)

Posted by: Laura at August 28, 2005 02:20 PM
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