December 13, 2005


Rev. Joe Kendall, star of the show "Pastor Cop" and 1996's Crimefighting Clergyman of the Year, filed a dispatch Monday after the Hillsborough River Holiday Boat Parade last weekend.

The Rev. noticed it was a "holiday" boat parade and adorned himself accordingly:


On a cool Saturday evening, I launched the Green Hornet canoe with my friend Cindy as part of the holiday boat parade on the mighty Hillsborough River. It was a motley crew -- in the most lieteral sense -- of boats that made up this armada; about a half-dozen canoes with holiday lights, another half-dozen motor boats, and even a few kayakers.

We headed up the river from the Lowry Park boat ramp and glided underneath Florida Avenue, Interstate 275 and Nebraska Avenue before turning around in Hanna's Whirl in the Seminole Heights neighborhood behind Circle Park road. It was wonderful to see the land from the vantage point of the water instead of the concrete and asphalt.

As for as head gear, I was ready for the night's action.

This is Rev. Joe Kendall out.

Posted by Jeff at December 13, 2005 07:52 AM

Rock on!

Posted by: Neil at December 13, 2005 08:11 AM
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